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Mood a.k.a. “Jo”, born in December 1984, discovered psytrance in the middle of 1997 and quickly became fascinated by this culture, which soon began to mix and risk in musical productions.
In 2008 began his DJ set project known as “Kronics”, and in 2013 he created his own label in the French city of Paris called “Namaste Records”, which focuses on a psychedelic music quality. In the same year, Joël has started his producing career releasing his project “Massive Dynamic” and after 3 years of production, he started playing in important festivals and parties throughout Europe like: Tree of Life / PLUR Festival / Own Spirit / WAO Festival / Back to Nature / Egregora / Nataraja and more! Having performed with big names in the psychedelic scene, he comes exclusively for Paramystical Records to release his new live project called “MOOD”!

A project focused on a serious psychedelic and a mix of crazy frequencies and distortion. For sure, MOOD will take you into an incredible universe of the unknown.


Phone: +33623540857


The artist

Nationality: France

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