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Worf a.k.a. André Cardoso is a freak, ecologist and DJ. In the 80´s, he was born in Brazil, but lived most of his lifetime in Germany, where one half of his parents is from. Like most Artists, he also got in contact with music at an early age. Sensitive to sound, good music was for him always free from brands, styles and indoctrinations. But at least, a sacred mushroom session brought him to the universal psychedelic message he should then understand through the sound of Psytrance…Love! From then on, there was nothing what could hold him back to go on and explore deeper and deeper within this soundscape – he was infected by the virus! Simultaneously, he was fascinated by the hypnotic and transformative power of this music style – free of pretentions, status quo and all that crap you get daily in the airplays without asking for… However, the powers of the coincidence, paired with some psychedelic experiments led him to get in contact for the first time with the CDJ’s of one of his best buddies. As suddenly nobody in this hedonistic session was capable of playing sound, he decided to stand up and hit the play button… that was the time, when his own odyssey as a DJ started… …it didn’t take too much time until he could arouse the attention of a good friend, which has organized him his first gig at the legendary Club Charlotte. And it didn’t take too much time also, until the Club invited him to become one of their Resident DJ’s responsible for playing proper Psytrance. They understood immediately, what Worf’s vision of a good DJ set was: Lead the crowd into a deep state of trance, telling them a story through sound and helping them to enter and explore the realms of consciousness. Soon, one booking followed after another and his reputation in Germany grew as well as his resident Club’s reputation grew. Once playing as an opener, party organizers decided to set him more frequent in the prime time slot, where the public is already cooked to experience the lysergic journey through sound. He then played mostly at well-known indoor Parties predominantly in north-west Germany in Cities like Bremen, Cologne, Hannover, Osnabrück, his homebase Münster and where he always wanted to play at .Stemwede, where twice a year an international Festival takes place at. He made also a tour through Brazil and had the pleasure to play there his first time in São Paulo City at Casa Maluka, in Campinas and other cities in Minas Gerais. Since Worf has experienced his first Psytrance party outdoors, his opinion has never changed. This kind of Sound should be best played open air, where one has the possibility to breath, feel the ground, the wind, the sound and all elements around him… It was for him a great honor and a huge step forward being invited to play at international festivals like Freqs of Nature, Wonderland and Hai in den Mai (both take place at Waldfrieden), where he nowadays is welcomed as a helping hand at the Main Stage. And for sure his odyssey didn’t stop there.

Worf is the DJ, who’s ready to step further, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before and to spread psychedelicness through sound.


Phone: +49 177 428 7874


The artist

Nationality: Brazil

Resident in: Germany