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Podcast #ZENRIOT


is the new psytrance project of Jose Luis Yarza aka YAR ZAA
His new music is filled with snappy psychedelic hooks and deep atmospheres.
The project aims to explore the obscure, twisted, and unexpected realms of the forest sound.

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Dj Svess @Paramystical Records

Svess, aka Sophia went to her first ever psytrance party in 2003 and this was when her love for psytrance began. Never ever had she heard or felt music in this powerful way before. After many years of blissful experiences on dance floors all over the world her desire to learn how to mix had grown very strong.

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Dj Marina Ribeiro @Paramystical Records

Marina Ribeiro, has always been in contact with various genres of electronic music, but in 2007, his passion for Psychedelic Trance has become the desire to command the pick ups.

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Dj Acid Mind @Paramystical Records

The musical style of Acid Mind is currently ranging from dark to forest till the contemporary twilight and underground.
He played all over Italy during the last years, becoming very quickly a landmark for the whole Italian trance scene.

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Gabriel Donoso Aka Cryptophonix es un experimentado productor musical Chileno
con cerca de 10 años tocando por todo el planeta. Ahora nos presenta su nuevo proyecto Forest/Dark. Una música compuesta de siniestras líneas de bajo, acelerados Bpms combinados con una brutal gama de sonidos fractálicos y psicodélicos. Una oscura combinación de atmósferas y drones subliminales.

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Orion Signal consists of two friends and countrymen of Campina Grande (PB), Aramis Venancio 27 years and producer since 2009 is the mind behind the project known “Frenetic” currently represented by the Brazilian label Mosaic Records. Igor Agra 24 years, began production in 2012 with “Systree”.
After a few productions in partnership decided to combine their ideas into one project, with a marked groove, spatial ambiences and modulated synths, Orion Signal promises to guarantee a amazing journey to the public.


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Bruno is known for his intelligent productions, technics and unique criativity which made his project Eclipse Echoes be recognized world wide in no time.
After a few releases under big labels and perfomances in important festivals in Brazil and around the globe, now he is back showing his psychedelic side with his new project.

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Podcast #UTKARSH


Dj Utkarsh es Gastón de 32 años, oriundo de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Su interés por la música comenzó siendo influenciado por artistas de rock psicodélico, progresivo, y hard rock,trance,dub,chillout, entre tantos, hasta que un día el destino hizo que descubriera el goa trance. En el amanecer de ese nuevo camino, experimente diferentes vivencias que fueron despertándome cada vez más y más interés hacia ese genero hasta adentrarme en el mundo del psychedelic trance. Tanto así, que todas las sensaciones y emociones me llevaron a descubrir mi pasión por el psychedelic trance (género que me caracteriza a la hora de seleccionar minuciosamente los artistas que conformarán mis sets) y ser dj. Ese sueño, meta y pasión fueron desarrollándose, nutriéndose e iluminándose día tras día, hasta que tiempo después, mis pequeñas presentaciones, hicieron que el sello Psyrockers me descubriera notando mi talento como dj, abriéndome las puertas y apadrinando mis presentaciones. Participe en fiestas como las Acid Partys, las X-Periment (varias ediciones), Moonflower y Earthdance2011/2012,2013 ,2014 y 2015,Erks Festival 2014 y 2016 (cordoba)Condorhuasi festiva(catamarca2010)Nirvana festival(2011)fullmoon 2012/13 (Bolivia)Yesirandi(misiones 2014)Noosfera(2015)HippieLand (chile)OtherPsy(Argentina ,Psynestesia Crew)Aonikenk Festival 2016(Patagonia ,Argentina ). Actualmente trabajo para la discográfica Paramystical recording(Brasil). Toque junto a artistas productores como: Elowinz (parvati rec)Fungus Funk(Pixan rec, Rusia)Sychotria(Brasil) Whiptongue(Looney moon rec,Brasil)-Animalien (Purple Hexagon rec-Kupuri rec (Mexico)-Babagoon(Sangoma rec, Brasil)Space Vision(brasil)-Orestis, (Greece, Tramtum records) -The Comercial Hippies (Southafrica)-Vimana (Kupuri rec, Mexico)Dinfuction Live (Zenon Rec.) -Hilight tribe(France,Kosmik) -Greeg Tribe(France – The firs Stone(Brasil) – Zumbi(Brasil)-Merkaba(Australia) -Iguana a.k.a(Parvati records). – Naked Tourist ( Parvati Records )-Flicker Light (Br) Uroboros Records . -Frantic Noize(Argentina) -Burn in noise(Brasil)U-Recken(Isarael) -Nevermin(Brasil)-Alcohbata (Br) Quantum Digital Records .-Ricco Mazzer (Br Glitchy Tonic Records).-Hannuman (Cl).-Gesh (Cl) Digital Yonkis Records. -Rollercoaster (Cl) Uroboros Records.–Expedizionika (Ar) Padang Records.-Phrenetic Tales Records. -Paracozm (Br) Zenon/Uroboros. -Arcturians (Cl-Br) -Minimal Criminal(Cosmic Conspiracy records)-Trinaural (Cl) Maia Brasil Records. -Electryxeed (Cl) Digital Yonkis Records. -Traxon (ForestDelic records / ESF records)-Fisheye (Cl) Padang Records .-Atropp (Br) Grimm Records.-Onionbrain (Br) Uroboros Records .-Glosolalia(darkprisma Rec)
Will O Wisp(Dark Prisma Rec)Quantum Mechanica(Dark PrismaÇ Rec)(-Swarups Brains(Vagalum rec) -Zoloologic(Chile) -Xplicit(Chile)Telepatic (Antu records ,Chile)Ritual(antu records and digital yonkies,Chile) — – Ital, (Chile) -Heterogenesis (Argentina) -Mental Control(Brasil)-PatchBay( Mosaico Rec , Brasil) – Zamura(Argentina) – -Tyamat (argentina) – Theobroma (Argentina) -Cristall Dna(Holanda) Cipro Status (Argentina)-Ying yang(bolivia) -Ninad,( Mosaico Rec. ) – 143 (Sonic Pulse Recs) – BRASIL- -Fluorbital (Chile) vortex Guatemala) –Invid Mind (Argentina) -Shinouda (Suiza) -Proyecto Ajayu (Chile) –Friqtrip( Brasil) -Cosmo vibration(Argentina)-Pragmatix(Argentina) -Vegas(Brasil) -Double collision(Brasil) -Gao(Chile). . Actualmente me encuentro experimentando, sumergido en las profundidades de la producción, la búsqueda de nuevos sonidos que todavía no han sido escuchados, intentando plasmar y hacer realidad la conjunción ‘sinestésica’ de sonido y sentidos, que despiertan

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Podcast #WORF


Worf a.k.a. André Cardoso is a freak, ecologist and DJ. In the 80´s, he was born in Brazil, but lived most of his lifetime in Germany, where one half of his parents is from. Like most Artists, he also got in contact with music at an early age… Sensitive to sound, good music was for him always free from brands, styles and indoctrinations. But at least, a sacred mushroom session brought him to the universal psychedelic message he should then understand through the sound of Psytrance… Love! From then on, there was nothing what could hold him back to go on and explore deeper and deeper within this soundscape – he was infected by the virus! Simultaneously, he was fascinated by the hypnotic and transformative power of this music style – free of pretentions, status quo and all that crap you get daily in the airplays without asking for… However, the powers of the coincidence, paired with some psychedelic experiments led him to get in contact for the first time with the CDJ’s of one of his best buddies. As suddenly nobody in this hedonistic session was capable of playing sound, he decided to stand up and hit the play button… that was the time, when his own odyssey as a DJ started… …it didn’t take too much time until he could arouse the attention of a good friend, which has organized him his first gig at the legendary Club Charlotte. And it didn’t take too much time also, until the Club invited him to become one of their Resident DJ’s responsible for playing proper Psytrance. They understood immediately, what Worf’s vision of a good DJ set was: Lead the crowd into a deep state of trance, telling them a story through sound and helping them to enter and explore the realms of consciousness.

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Arthuro Martinez aka Genetic , Mexico City resident , started playing dj set at the beginning of 2012 and since then has remained focused on developing and improving new mixing techniques to drive the “dance floor” . Genetic then began performing at parties in different parts of Mexico . Two years later, gaining experience and “feeling ” his style soon
defined as psychedelic , strong and striking. Refined, distorted, with energetic bass lines and showing his more serious side he comes exclusively represent Paramystical Records in Mexican lands with his new project dj Plasmatter!

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Remained in the shadows until now discovered by womb records. Alien Spirit is an experienced DJ from France and part of the core team of Paramystical Records Now!
Alien Spirit was born in Paris in 1968 and  became aware in 1993 of Psytrance movement by the appearance of the first rave party in France.
Very quickly fascinated by mixing, he bought these first vinyl turntable in 1994.
These early records are labels of the time like Dragonfly TIP Flying Rhino etc … that dominate the market goa trance.
His style and influences are English but later discovered lots of artists around the world and began creating these dj set. Since he has not stopped playing initially for small party with friends and then for evening events ( TRANSYLVANIA CALLING FESTIVAL, BLACKMOON FESTIVAL, TRONTANO FESTIVAL, UNION TRANCE FESTIVAL, BLACKLITE RECS PARTY and more).
The energy deployed in these dj sets will make you dance without you ever stop and travel to another world will remain in your memory.
His DJ sets have been twisting minds and emotions on many long night events and serve as a platform to wire your neurons to the galaxy and connect with the interstellar cosmos of psychedelic momentum.  Surf the universe and beyond with his Psytrance juice and the mid frequency candies of your favorite Goan delicatessen.

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