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Published on: 2017-01-10


Remained in the shadows until now discovered by womb records. Alien Spirit is an experienced DJ from France and part of the core team of Paramystical Records Now!
Alien Spirit was born in Paris in 1968 and  became aware in 1993 of Psytrance movement by the appearance of the first rave party in France.
Very quickly fascinated by mixing, he bought these first vinyl turntable in 1994.
These early records are labels of the time like Dragonfly TIP Flying Rhino etc … that dominate the market goa trance.
His style and influences are English but later discovered lots of artists around the world and began creating these dj set. Since he has not stopped playing initially for small party with friends and then for evening events ( TRANSYLVANIA CALLING FESTIVAL, BLACKMOON FESTIVAL, TRONTANO FESTIVAL, UNION TRANCE FESTIVAL, BLACKLITE RECS PARTY and more).
The energy deployed in these dj sets will make you dance without you ever stop and travel to another world will remain in your memory.
His DJ sets have been twisting minds and emotions on many long night events and serve as a platform to wire your neurons to the galaxy and connect with the interstellar cosmos of psychedelic momentum.  Surf the universe and beyond with his Psytrance juice and the mid frequency candies of your favorite Goan delicatessen.

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