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EP Cinco Chagas

EP Cinco Chagas

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2018-09-19

Catalog number: PRM000007

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Hydra-E vs Synkronic
Cinco Chagas
Cinco Chagas
Diksha vs Hydra-E

 ‘Cinco Chagas’ EP

We are very proud to present our 7th release CINCO CHAGAS! This EP is the result of a first time collaboration between Sérgio Emanuel aka HYDRA-E and David Caramello aka DIKSHA/SYNKRONIC and it features two tracks full of groove and psychedelic soundscapes!

released September 19, 2018

David Caramello aka DIKSHA/SYNKRONIC
Sérgio Emanuel aka HYDRA-E
Mastered by Antoine Sperat-Czar / Tzar Mastering
Cover art by Digivision

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