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EP Conexão Ancestral

EP Conexão Ancestral

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2018-04-18

Catalog number: PRM00004






1.Sambadelical Juice
1.Sambadelical Juice
Synkronic & Slide
2.Los Hermanos Curanderos
2.Los Hermanos Curanderos
Diksha & Loom

 ‘Conexao Ancestral’ Ep

EP Conexão Ancestral /Synkronic & Slide, Diksha & Loom

We are proud to present our 4th release, ‘Conexão Ancestral’ Ep is a collaboration between David and Nico and bring you 2 massive tracks. Crazy and unexpected mystical grooves is the result of this collaboration, so be ready for this journey.

Mastered by Leo Wafayar (aka Anarkick)
Cover art by Digivision

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Paramystical Records - EP Conexão Ancestral