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EP Groovy Tunes

EP Groovy Tunes

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2018-05-29

Catalog number: PRM00006

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1.One Life Not Enough
1.One Life Not Enough
2.Groovy Tunes
2.Groovy Tunes

 ‘Groovy Tunes’ EP

The Mastermind behind the project KaZa is the young and gifted Greek Thanasis (Thanasis Kazanidis).

Paramystical Records is proud to give him a platform for his first debut EP ‘Groovy Tunes’.

Nomen est omen, so with this EP one can expect groovy tunes with a deep, solid scent of a forest at nighttime.

We invite you to plunge into the sounds of KaZa while you ventilate your synapses bar for bar.

So, be prepared to listen a have a joyful ride!

From the mystics for the mystics 🙂

Bringing you refreshing sounds from the mystics for the mystics – Paramystical Records.
Mastered by Ekahal
Cover art by Digivision

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