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EP Is This Life Reality?

EP Is This Life Reality?

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2018-05-22

Catalog number: PRM00005

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1.Strange Feeling
1.Strange Feeling
Orion Signal
2.Is This Life Reality?
2.Is This Life Reality?
Orion Signal

 ‘Is This Life Reality’ EP

Orion Signal - Is This Life Reality?

Orion Signal is an exclusive project formed by the two Brazillians Aramis Venâncio a.k.a. Frenetic and Igor Agra a.k.a. Systree.

Their debut EP, consisting of two proper floor sweepers, has been cooking for a while and it’s now the next coup of Paramystical Records for the psychedelic world out there.

Let their music speak for itself as you turn it on.

So, tune in and have a pleasant journey!

So, be prepared to listen a have a joyful ride!

From the mystics for the mystics 🙂

Mastered by Felipe Rossi @ BR Digital Studio
Cover art by Digivision

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