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EP Time Bender

EP Time Bender

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2019-02-21

Catalog number: PRM00009

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1.Glassy Road
1.Glassy Road
2.O Novo Old
2.O Novo Old
Babagoon & Teorema
3.People in Nature
3.People in Nature
Diksha & Teorema

‘Time Bender’ EP

Time Bender is the second EP from the project Teorema, released with three exclusive tracks by the ascending label Paramystical Records.
Mastermind behind this project is Brazilian producer Daniel Bertini, who bears a load of more than 10 years of studio and field experience.
This release, consisting of two collab-tracks alongside the projects Diksha and Babagoon plus one solo track, will give the world out there a glimpse of the Brazilian vision of what is contemporary psytrance-art today.

Mastered by Felipe Rossi @ BR Digital Studio
Art by Digivision

released February 21, 2019
by Daniel Bertini aka Teorema

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