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Single Cigana II

Single Cigana II

Label: Paramystical Records

Release date: 2019-12-19

Catalog number: PRM00011

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1.Cigana II
1.Cigana II
Diksha feat. Teco Martins

ย ‘Cigana II’ Single – Diksha feat. Teco Martins

Paramystical Records strikes back with our last release of the year and to close the cycle in complete Paramystical style we are bringing something special and spatial for you.
With full energy and musicality our wizard Diksha presents the collaboration with powerful musician and singer Teco Mertins (Rancore/Sala Espacial).
This explosive single is the new version of the well known track ‘Cigana’ and it will shake the ground and raise your minds to the next level!

So, be prepared to listen a have a joyful ride!

From the mystics for the mystics ๐Ÿ™‚

Bringing you refreshing sounds from the mystics for the mystics – Paramystical Records.
Mastered by David Caramello @ Diksha Studio
Art by Digivision

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