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EP AUTOCHTHONOUS by Cryptophonix

Paramystical Records are proud to present ‘Autochthonous’, the new EP by South American Producer Gabriel Donoso aka Cryptophonix!  

This 8th EP is fully dedicated to our native cultures. It’s a call to reconnect with our origins and a tribute to our roots. A call to honor and rescue the real tribal nature in ourselves.

Autochthonous comes with a message of rage against the oppression of the native cultures by the systematic dominating minds.

Mastered by Felipe Rossi @ BR Digital Studio
Art by Symmetric

released November 4, 2018


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EP CONEXÃO ANCESTRAL by Synkronic & Slide, Diksha & Loom

We are very proud to present our 7th release CINCO CHAGAS!  

This EP is the result of a first time collaboration between Sérgio Emanuel aka HYDRA-E and David Caramello aka DIKSHA/SYNKRONIC and it features two tracks full of groove and psychedelic soundscapes!

released September 19, 2018

David Caramello aka DIKSHA/SYNKRONIC
Sérgio Emanuel aka HYDRA-E
Mastered by Antoine Sperat-Czar / Tzar Mastering
Cover art by Digivision


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There’s nothing better than starting the new year with some good news!

Most of you know the project YAR ZAA as well and now, he comes with his side project to show his new musical output, which is filled with snappy psychedelic hooks and deep soundscapes.

The project aims to explore the obscure, twisted and unexpected realms of the forest sounds. “Paradigm Shift” contains two tracks bringing you a mix of serious synths, fat basslines and involving atmospheres.

So, be prepared to listen a have a joyful ride!

From the mystics for the mystics – Paramystical Records

Grab your copy

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Paramystical Records - EP Paradigm Shift Zen Riot

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We are glad to present our first EP !   

EP TURNADO bringing two intensive and psychedelic tracks, for sure its promise to be a blowing minds.
Bruno is known for his intelligent productions, technics and unique criativity which made his project Eclipse Echoes recognized world wide in no time.
After a few releases under big labels and perfomances in important festivals in Brazil and around the globe, now he is back showing on EP TURNADO his psychedelic side with his new project – SPECTRAL.

Its out… Its fresh!


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